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Cos We Can

CosWa con - Cos We Can!
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This is Perth's ultimate Cosplay Group known as CosWA.
CosWa Con Cos We Can

It comprises of a group of friends that live here in Perth and we cosplay to JAFWA and WaiCon and all that such. This place is where we'll document photoshoots, cosplay progress on the costumes and just anything we want related to our cosplays.

So far the group members are:
Mei (moderator - nekomiao)
Chen (Moderator - lionheartlily)
Clara (efinity)
Lauryn violeteyeddevil)

So come in...look around..contact us.
Some of our photoshoot cosplays may be friends only locked though but we'll forwarn for that.
Aside from that. Enjoy! We're a happy group of people.

We in the near future shall also be posting full motion video uploads of our craziness. Mp3 recordings of our weirdness along with the pics of our psychoticness.

Love us!

Oh and only the cosWA members can actually post because this is about our cosplays after all but anybody is allowed to comment on our cntries and most entries shall be available for all public to see. =) Come and have a happy time.

Cosplay list click here