Mei (nekomiao) wrote in coswa,

Introductory Post

I don't know what to say but lionheartlily said write an introductory post so here's an introductory post.

This group was created around the dinner/lunch table of efinity's home at about midday on the day It started off as a laugh but here we are and we plan to be good. It started off as me, efinity and lionheartlily and we dragged in Amanda and I dragged in violeteyeddevil. SO here we are.

2004 shall be unproductive as for cons as we don't have the entire group together. But violeteyeddevil and nekomiao shall be attending WaiCon in your forever faithful Prince of Tennis gear (I think/hope/believe?) and I think the efinity and Amanda shall endeavour to present WaiCon with a coupla FFX characters, Yuna and Rikku.

Anyway...stick around for pics. We're going to be posting some out of costume pics soon just to show you how loveable we are.

*wants hugs*
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