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First post <3

Hey, I thought I might as well post my first entry in here~!

I'm otherwise known as Chen/Lee/Chen Lee/Yunie and the other member of CosWa who hasn't started on anything yet so doesn't really have much to update here about. =p But I'm keeping all up to date with what everyone else is doing~! I wanna see the room!!! XD

Anyhoo, I thought I'd write up about how I'm going to be in Malaysia for two conventions (WOW~! TWO!) On the 11th-12th Comic Fiesta is going to be in Kuala Lumpur and on the 18th is CosMas (Malaysian Cosplay Club Event).

The websites for the following two are http://www.comicfiesta.com/ and http://www.mycosplay.org/ so check it out~ :3

Hopefully, I'll be able to attend them both (since my cousins and stuff are always busy and I don't know if I could wander off on my own and let myself get kidnapped or lost). Anyhoo... there's going to be a KARAOKE COMPETITION that I really want to sign up for, so I REALLY REALLY wannnaaa gooooooo~!~!~!

I'll make sure to take tonnes of photos and scope out everything and everyone. It's kinda like having a new experience in a bigger place where there are more anime/manga fans... so I guess it'll all be good! (Since I won't be in Perth for PANIC this year!!! ;__;)

I wonder if I can get a last minute costume done for the Malaysian conventions... =/ I don't think I have enough time ;____; Maybe I can rent one once I get to Malaysia?? Anyhoo, that is all~ <3
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