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Panic Cosplay Rules and Regulations

Entry Rules:
Entrants to the Cosplay Competition must have filled in a Pre-Registration form prior to entering the competition. This can be done by printing it off the Panic website and mailing it to us at:
PO Box 5611
Perth WA 6831

You can enter by downloading the form below and sending it to: knux_911@austarmetro.com.au or panic_comps@yahoo.com.au

· or at the main desk when entering the convention venue. Failure to do so may result in disqualification from the competition. Entrants must fill out two forms if they intend to enter on Saturday as well as on Sunday. Please specify which costume goes on which day as well, this will be much appreciated.

· Pre-registration will be closed on the 6th of December 2004. Registration at the door will be allowed up to 3hours before the commencement of the cosplay competition however the decision to allow entrance to the competition will be up to the cosplay-coordinator. As such we encourage you to sign up before the pre-registration date closes.

· By entering, competitors agree to abide by the Rules and Regulations of the Cosplay Competition and must sign their name on their entry form as indication that they agree to the outlined terms. Failure to abide by the rules will result in disqualification.

· The Cosplay Competition is meant to be a fun competition. Please do not spoil the competition for yourself or others.

· The Cosplay Competition is open to entrants of all ages and gender.

· Contestants must be entering as a character of a Japanese Anime, Manga or Game of their choice.

· Contestants must provide a picture of their chosen character, wearing the costume they, (the contestant) have chosen to cosplay. This picture must be on some form of electronic media, (floppy disk, Cdrom etc) or can be submitted via the Panic website.
Note: Panic accepts no responsibility for misplaced images submitted via the website. It is up to the individual to bring a backup picture to the convention.

· Contestants may enter individually or as a group. You must indicate your group
members on your pre-registration form. A group will be treated as a single entry in
to the competition.

· The competition consists of one (1) round and will run for two (2) days of the convention, on separate days. Entrants may enter on either or both days.

· Contestants may perform a skit/role-play/song if they desire. Groups may also perform. Contestants must observe the time limit on stage. One (1) minute for individuals, two (2) minutes for an individual skit/performance. Four (4) minutes for a group cosplay/skit, where a group is more than one (1) person.

· Contestants may win only once per day. This is inclusive of all categories in the competition. If performing as a group and individually, you can still only win once. Bear this in mind and let your team members know if you are entering individually as no exceptions will be made.

· Entrants must be wearing footwear at all times.

Costume Rules:
· Props are permitted but must be examined by Panic staff at entry to convention. Any props deemed unacceptable will be confiscated until the individual leaves the convention.

· None of the following are permitted; Explosives, flares or other incendiary devices; Chemicals, laser pointers, smoke or sticky/messy substances.

· Panic Inc reserves the right to deem a costume unacceptable and ask the contestant to modify it as necessary. Panic Inc will refuse entry to any costumes it deems inappropriate.

Performance Rules:
· Contestants will be lined up in the order they have pre-registered and then in the order they fill out registration forms at the entry to the convention. There are limited places per day. Places will be ordered on a, first in, first served basis.

· There will be an announcement before the start of the Cosplay Competition to advise entrants to make their way to start of the queue. Entrants will be given their weapons at this point. Please do not be late otherwise your position in the queue will be given to the next available person and you will be placed at the back of the queue.

· No acrobatics, jumping or running around. You must stay within the stage area and do not enter the audience. If performing martial arts or mock battles, please keep it safe.

· No profanity, rude gestures or inappropriate language will be permitted.

· If your performance is deemed unsafe or unacceptable, it will be stopped.

· Any props you bring onto the stage must be removed when you leave the stage.

· Photography is permitted as long as the photographer does not interfere with the contestants in any way. Photographers must not block the view of audience members.

· Photographers must not harass entrants in any way.

· If you have requested on the spot developing for your photographs on your pre-registration form, please have your money ready. No money, no photos.

· No animals will be permitted into the venue at any time.

· The ONLY exception to this rule is for people who require a registered guide dog to assist with their mobility.

Weapon Rules:
· Weapons are permitted but will be confiscated at the door and returned to the contestant for the duration of the Cosplay Competition.

· All weapons must be examined by Panic staff upon entry and if deemed unacceptable will not be allowed to be used.

· Weapons must be made of softer materials such as Styrofoam, rubber, plastic or cardboard.

· Weapons must not be made of harder materials such as harder types of wood or metal. Such weapons are not permitted and will not be accepted. The specified type of hard wood is balsa so please do not use this type of hard woods and others like it. If in doubt to the material you are using please send an email query to the email listed as a point of contact. Please do this do not let your hard work be confiscated at the door for breach of these rules.

· Replica or authentic weapons are not to be brought to the convention. Such weapons are will be confiscated until the individual leaves the convention.

· Functional projectile weapons of any kind are not permitted at the convention. Such weapons will be confiscated and the individual in possession of such weapons will be removed from the convention. This means actual daggers, knives or darts. If made out of specified soft materials of the above it will be allowed however if used in a manner considered inappropriate you will be escorted off the grounds.

Other Rules:
· The judges decision is final

· Panic Inc reserves the right to change the rules of the Cosplay Competition at any time and in any way it seems fit.
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