Mei (nekomiao) wrote in coswa,

Ryoma Cosplay Update

Materials are all bought. The last attempt at the shoes was a failure but this time it won't be. All the R signs are going to be handstitched personally by me and they're going to look awesome. Damn they are.

The white hat is also bought and shall be personally handstitched and photos of everything when completed shall be posted. DAMN they shall. This post is of absolute useless because I'm not writing anything interesting. >.> But...yea..I'm an attention whore! Nah...

my next post shall be pics of everything (hopefully)

Ryoma cosplay 2004:
White Hat (R sign) - to be stitched
Red jacket and red and white shirt - in progress
black shorts - have to buy
tennis racquet - seeing if I can borrow it off someone
blue and white sweats - planned and going to be made soon (2 pairs one for efinity
shoes - painted white (all the black plastic parts) and the R shall be hand sewed on also.

And the cosplay for us!
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